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Our wellness clients are typically individuals or small groups of individuals who have lost faith or interest in the high pressure, crowded fitness centres and/or the no-results nutrition orgainzations. We will work with you to understand your wellness requirements and tailor one or more programs that fits your needs, not the needs or structure of the large fitness organization.

Firmly focused on the needs of the individual, Corium brings a customer-needs interest in the design and implementation of their movement, nutrition lifestyle programs. 

Kettlebell Workout
Diet Apples
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Your movement programs should be as unique as you are; integration and balance are the keys to your success. We can help you discover 

what works for you. 

If you're looking for a professionally curated movement program created just for you,  you've come to the right place. Our goal is to design a fun and practical plan that will have you feeling confident and comfortable in your body - and living life to the fullest! 

Weight Management


The incidence of weight issues is a global phenomena, and it is not diminishing, in fact these issues are growing.  Our scientifically proven weight nutritional management programs will help you manage your weight, whether to drop weight or improve your lean muscle mass.

Performance Management


Whether you are a professional athlete looking for that 5% performance improvement, the amateur athlete looking to gain that slight edge, or the "weekend warrior" looking to be able to workout or play your sport without fading, our sports nutrition programs will provide you with leading edge, proven performance improvements  

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Healthy Cooking


Whether they are fathers/fathers, husbands/wives, brothers, or friends, it’s important that the significant others in our lives take time to focus on their health and vitality. Isagenix science-backed products highlight simple steps to help us take charge of our health and vitality.

Healthy Aging​​


Specifically designed to combat the root mechanisms of aging using science-backed, smart, flexible, long-term programs, Isagenix's ultimate maintenance systems  boost healthy aging, with telomere support and are  great tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, long term

Science-Backed Healthy Eating


Our healthy eating programs are backed by extensive original nutrition research, with products developed by a team of nutritional scientists and supported by clinical studies verifying their effectivness.

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